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Thank you for visiting my website! 

 As a young boy at 13 years old, I found a taxidermy supply catalog laying around at a family members house, as I looked through the catalog I was very intrigued by all the animals, and the tools and supplies used in taxidermy, and from that time on I started the journey of learning the art of taxidermy through DVDs, taxidermy websites, and just simply a lot of trial and error.


   I have 10 years of experience. and from the beginning my number one goal has been to be one of the best taxidermist in the country. I am always striving to produce the best work I can. That's why I use only the best materials on the market, and use the most advanced techniques to insure the highest quality in the preservation of your trophys. 

  I work hard to perfect my techniques in the art of taxidermy because I want people to See The Difference in my work!

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